With an explosion in CBD products in recent years driving a huge amount of interest in cannabis worldwide, we found that the market was cluttered with ranges of products of questionable standards.

At Dispensary Green, our intimate knowledge of cannabinoids and product quality means we select only the best products that we have confidence in and know you’ll love. When you buy products from us,  you know that they’re safe and high quality, saving you the time and stress of the hours of research required when selecting products from other brands. At Dispensary Green, you know you’re getting products you can trust.

And for our medical cannabis patients, we’re able to offer even more. With the help of our partners, The Medical Cannabis Clinics and Astral Health, we’ve been able to open up patient access and establish vital distribution networks that will finally allow patients in the UK to consult with specialists and get life-changing prescriptions. We’re proud to be spearheading this much-needed change in the UK and we’re glad to be helping patients get the care they’ve been seeking for years.

Whether you’re just looking for the right CBD product for you, or need to fulfill your medical cannabis prescription, Dispensary Green is here to help.